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creator, author, and a dreamer filled with passion for others.

I Can accomplish this by writing books , offering workshops, and creating a safe space for creation.


I Am...I Can...I Will Succeed


MJsStories Highlight

MJ Had her first Interview with Nachai Taylor on WNEM Focus on 5! Check out the Interview Below

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While generational wealth is often emphasized, I believe that generational health is equally, if not more, important. I focus on spreading love, quality time, effective communication, acceptance, and faith in my books about family values. Family makeup may differ for everyone, but the core value remains constant, whether it involves blood relatives, chosen family, or a combination of both.


 Growing up, I had the support of not only my family but also my church, dance family, neighbors, and the people in my city who looked out for me. These same individuals continue to support me today, buying my books, advocating for me, and providing opportunities. I believe that with a strong community, we can overcome any challenge. No achievement is accomplished alone; it takes a team, a partner, and a real community. Children deserve a safe space where they can live, explore, fail, learn, and succeed, with the guidance, resources, and encouragement of a supportive community.


I attended Howard University to immerse myself in my culture and learn from people who look like me. My goal is for black children to see themselves reflected in my books and believe that they can achieve their dreams, just as I have. It's not about them seeing MJ or a black author, but about looking at the characters and seeing their own hairstyles, their own family, and resonating with the words. I want them to see themselves, believe in themselves, dream big, and chase those dreams until they become reality. Being black is a tremendous blessing, and I aim to ensure that every black boy and girl feels the same way.

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